Welcome to the home of the Lightning Fencing Club in Winnipeg CANADA eh.

The Lightning Fencing Club was founded in 1993 by David and Patricia Howes.

The club started with a few members from the local military base, where David served at Air Command Headquarters. As time went by, the membership grew beyond the confines of a "base" club and extended its reach into the general population. At the club's peak it boasted a membership of over 100.

Patti moved to Kingston in 2002 and is the Head Coach of the Royal Military College of Canada fencing program.
David moved to Kingston in 2003 and founded Cutting Edge Fencing the same year.


About the Lightning Fencing Club as an organization

Lightning Fencing Club (Manitoba) has always been a sport club "owned" by the current members.
We are also a registered nonprofit organization in Manitoba.

Elected members form the Executive governing body (Board) of the club.

Board members are elected at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to govern the affairs of the club.
The Board members are legally responsible for the activities of the club and as such, bear legal responsibility in the event that there is any legal action taken against the club. The Board members have the sole responsibility to enter into contracts and manage the financial affairs of the club. No one other than the Board can speak for or enter into agreements on behalf of the club, in any matter.

Members of the club are welcome to submit comments, suggestions and ideas to the Board for the purpose of asking the Board to consider new or modified programming, issues with how the club is running and complaints about any issues they may have with governance, personnel or other matters. The Board members will listen and act as deemed financially and legally prudent, without bias. Communications with the members via email have frequently encouraged comments and suggestions.

The Board members are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) as described in the current constitution/by-laws.

The AGM is a yearly occurrence where the Board members report on the financial health of the club and hold elections of Board members who's terms are ending. Nominations of those wishing to fill those positions are typically provided prior to the AGM however nominations may be made at the meeting. Those people currently in the positions may stand for re-election if allowed by the constitution/by-laws.

The members (members 18 and older or a parent of a minor child member) attending the meeting are eligible to cast a vote.

The positions for Vice-President and Treasurer are currently elected on even numbered years for a 2 year term.
The position of President is currently elected on an odd numbered year for a 2 year term.
The current Board consists of an odd number of people. The President carries a vote in the event a decision must be made on matters before the Board and there is a tie.
The Board is composed of unpaid volunteers.

Other business may be brought up at the AGM and depending on the nature of the business, may be voted on or deferred to an advisory committee for study. Such committees typically meet to discuss the deferred matter and create a final proposal that may be voted on at a special general meeting or the following year's AGM, if the issue is not critical. A call for volunteers to be part of an advisory committee may be made at the meeting.

Any advisory committee formed should have an Board member as part of the committee.

When an AGM is scheduled, we encourage as many members as possible to participate. Your input is essential for good governance. When you are informed about all of the issues presented at the meeting and you participate in the discussions, you are therefore in a good position to make informed decisions.

Effective June 22, 2019, a new constitution has been adopted. Major highlights:
The term Executive has been changed to (Governing) Board.
Two Members-at-Large positions have been added to the Board and a non-voting senior coach will be chosen to be on the Board.