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Seasonal flu Information Sources:
Flu Information from the PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY of CANADA
H1N1 and Flu Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S.A.

About Thyroid Disease - A web resource by thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon

Low-intensity exercise can boost energy, curb fatigue: study

Why You’re Drinking Too Much Water

Fluid Requirements for Healthy Adults

Water Consumption and Health

Water, H2 Oh-so-Confusing!

Need for 8 glasses of water a myth: nutrition experts

STUDY: Caffeine content in sodas varies widely

Caffeine: Bad Sleep Habits and Poor School Performance

The Science of Sneezing

Sleep Deprivation Can Hinder Sports Performance

Factors Influencing the Glycemic Index Value of Carbohydrates

Your Resting Heart Rate

Canada's Weather Comfort Info.

How big an explosion could you realistically survive?

Unattributed health and nutrition tips:

Local Health related links:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba - Look up a local doctor's profile.

Doctors Manitoba - formerly the Manitoba Medical Association
Manitoba Society of Pharmacists
Doctor line: 204-786-7111 (Looking for a doctor taking new patients in Manitoba?)

Information from this next link should be used as part of an overall assessment of a doctor and not an absolute fact. What you experience may be totally different from what others have experienced. Bear in mind that people going to doctors are not at their usual physical and emotional best, which is why they are seeking medical attention. The comments made by people in these situations may not be entirely unbiased or rational. Do not assume that some negative comments mean that he/she is a poor doctor. Doctors are human and have good and bad days like everyone else, so please bear that in mind when you see your doctor. If you decide to post a rating, be fair and as unbiased as you can. Ultimately, your experience will be accurate for you and you alone.
Look up local doctors.

You went to the doctor and she wants to run some tests, so she gives you a lab test requisition form with various tests checked off.

What is the purpose of the tests?

Look them up here: Please read the Terms of Use for this website.
Lab Tests Online
Lab Tests Online

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