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Daria Jorquera Palmer

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Anthony Densmore

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Lucas Hamlin

Linda Thorlakson   

After watching my two children fence saber I decided I couldn't just watch from the sidelines and picked up a saber myself.  I am excited to work towards helping Lightning Fencing Club thrive.  Having been involved in various sports and organizations, I was impressed by the level of respect the coaches showed the children they were instructing and the level of comradery amongst competitors within the sport.

My past experience in volunteering in scouts and running my own business has helped me so far in navigating the role.  I am open to any suggestions or support from club members at any time, and feel free to come and chat when you see me in the hall.


Kevin Fournier

Some of you might recognize me as the inadequately-shaved man who sits on the stairs during Saturday classes with his nose in a book. I'm the father of Henry Fournier, who has just finished his first year with Lightning Fencing Club. For the last twenty years I've worked with mentally disabled adults through New Directions. I've also twice won the McNally Robinson Book of the Year for Young Readers Award at the Manitoba Book Awards, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing."

If Anthony wants to email me a rundown of what he did in the role, that would be awesome. I'm open to the idea of touching base online once a month, though I hope and expect to be at the lake, without any phone or internet, for large chunks of the summer. 

Adina Lakser

Hi everyone! I am Adina Lakser and I have just joined the LFC Board as
Treasurer. As my family has been involved with LFC for a number of years--my
son Noah is a foilist and my daughter Lilly fenced until a couple of years ago--I
look forward to getting more involved. My professional background includes
coordinating community-based projects to address health inequities and a home-
based relationship coaching business. In these positions, I have developed skills
in project management, including financial and budget management, which, I
believe will be useful in my new role. I look forward to working with the LFC
Board and the community of fencers and families.


More about Murray later

Murray MacBeth

Member at large

Cynthia Crellin

Member at large

Sara Bacchus

Junior Coach    

Holly Havelka

Junior Coach

Barry Thorlakson

Junior Coach

Roman Song

Junior Coach

Hayden Thiessen

Junior Coach